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I am going to vote this time, are you?

I had never been interested in polity. Neither in school, nor in college, and not even when I started rising the corporate ladder. I always thought I am created for more novel deeds and politics is only for subtle minds. I had always been a torch-bearer of the " sab-chalta-hai ", the cliché Indian psychology. I have bribed, favoured, broken rules and always gotten over clean, because, well, I, always had the support of some known faces. These minor acts of, lets say negligence, never got on to my nerves because everyone around was doing the same. And I did not want to play any different. Who, you ask, am I? Well, I am the educated, common, Indian citizen . I am you. I never really cared who my MLA is, or which party is in power. I have always enjoyed Election day as just another holiday. And I never, never gave a thought to casting my vote. However this is going to change this time. I am fed up now. I am fed up with this Govt. I am fed up with the state of law and o