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High Output Management by Andy Grove, notes

HIGH OUTPUT MANAGEMENT On Organizational Output: (Chapter 1) —  Everything is process . Whether you’re compiling code, hiring staff, or making breakfast, everything can be modeled as a repeatable production process. Understanding the elements of production — inputs, outputs, timing, limiting steps, quality controls, variability — lets us create and improve the “machinery” needed to fulfill our organizational goals. We all aim to achieve the same thing: high quality results in less time with least waste. (Chapter 2) —  Focus on vital, measurable indicators of output . The operations of an organization are like a “black box” in that you can’t see everything that’s happening on a daily basis. Indicators let you “cut holes” in the black box to get a view on what the output of the organization might be in future. Train your team to select a small number of objective, quantifiable measures of  output , with leading and trending indicators, that can be reviewed daily and help transform a busi