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Never run "python" in your "Downloads" folder

  One of the wonderful things about Python is the ease with which you can start writing a script - just drop some code into a   .py   file, and run   python . Similarly it’s easy to get started with modularity: split   into   and , and you can   import my_lib   from   and start organizing your code into modules. However, the details of the machinery that makes this work have some surprising, and sometimes  very  security-critical consequences: the more convenient it is for  you  to execute code from different locations, the more opportunities an attacker has to execute it as well... Python needs a safe space to load code from Here are three critical assumptions embedded in Python’s security model: Every entry on  sys.path  is assumed to be a secure location from which it is safe to execute arbitrary code. The directory where the “main script” is located is always on  sys.path . When invoking  python  directly, the  current dir