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Showing posts from September 30, 2010

An Open Declaration of Love

I PULLED my eyes from the dustry window of my room 005C, from the view of that wired-fence that wraps AIT, and watched my room-mate Sarkar, struggled to raise himself from his bed. It was 6 in the evening and he had had his length of the little evening nap. “You can’t get up, Dude.” I pressed my fingers into his shoulder, and he glared at me, his brown eyes wild with sleep. “What is Love ?”, I asked. Startled by this  Avatar , he replied, “It's too tricky. You won't understand.” Why would I not understand ? Am I too bad a thinker ? Or I am too bad a person ? He had just put me into deep retrospection. Am I different ? Or is it just because I think too much ? Or is it because I AM DIFFERENT ?  If I were asked to define and confine myself using only one term, I wouldn't hesitate long before I chose the word "geek." Not many in AIT would like to be called by that word, but I am what I am. And whether they agree or not, there are a lot of “me” out there, reading