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Before you fire that delete command

Rule of thumb for me is that every DELETE or UPDATE query should start life as a SELECT query. The eight stages of DELETE: SELECT what you're deleting; fix the mistake in the query (there's always one); SELECT again; BEGIN TRANSACTION; DELETE; SELECT to confirm the right deletion -- twice for good measure, and maybe ROLLBACK once or twice if you're feeling twitchy; Hover finger anxiously over the un-entered COMMIT command for several seconds while resisting Dunning–Kruger effect; COMMIT. :) Or alternately: Give the table an DeletedTimestamp and DeleatedReason column. Mark the records as deleted. Run around like a lunatic and fix queries so they don't show "deleted" columns to the rest of the app. Rather create a "view" which never sends out "deleted" columns and rows. Make a page in the application where people can "restore" deleted items. Because they do stupid things too once in a while