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Remote desktop from windows 7 to ubuntu

If you are an ardent fan of Windows Remote Desktop and want to use it to login to a box running Ubuntu, this post is for you. To allow incoming Remote desktop connections, we need rdesktop running on ubuntu box. Instructions To install “ xrdp ” click on “ Applications ” and “ Ubuntu Software Center “. On the Ubuntu Software Center window, enter “ xrdp ” in the search field and press the  “ enter ” key; once it finds it, click on the “ install ” button. When installation finishes on Ubuntu, go to your Windows computer and open the “ Remote Desktop Connection “,  enter the IP address of the Ubuntu computer  and click the “ Connect ” button. Immediately you will see the screen of the remote computer. Enter the  username  and  password  for the remote Ubuntu computer and click “ OK ” to continue. And that is all, now you should be able to see and control your remote Ubuntu machine from your Windows computer. Final Thoughts Many people in the Linux world do not seem to be aware of the fact