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On Mental Models for Great Product Managers

A problem comes up and you—a PM—think that you know how to deal with it. You throw on your usual sauce and step back. You do the same for the next problem, and the next. But the thing is—you're not getting the results you want. Your shortcuts are actually cutting important corners. What you're doing here is relying on a mental model. Mental models are frameworks for making decisions. Humans have lots of mental models for navigating the world—they determine how we make sense of things and how we make decisions. But when you're building and scaling a product, you need to carefully select your mental models to make sure you're incorporating the  most important  factors into your decisions. Product managers have to navigate an unpredictable variety of problems all the time. You work at the intersection of many different aspects of a company: product design,  user experience , technical feasibility, and business concerns.  Source:  Intercom Instead of falling back on the eas