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Basic Linux Commands

xkillKills a running program exit Exits the terminal reboot Reboots the system halt Shutsdown the computer startx Starts xwindows from terminal man man(command)shows help files info info(command) shows help files --help (command)--help shows help files su Allow you to login as Super User ls "Lists" the contents of the directory pwd Displays "present working directory" cd cd (name) change directory TO:(name) mkdir mkdir (name) Makes new directory rmdir rmdir (name) Removes directory clear Clears the terminal window date Displays current date and time cal Displays a calander uptime Displays time since last reboot df Displays the disk usage on partitions du Displays disk usage of directory id Displays your identification to system groups Displays groups of current user ulimit -a Displays users limits uname Displays name of machine logged into who Displays "who" is logged on the system w Similar to "who" wall Sends message to all logged in users top