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Busy is BullShit!

In today's world of email, sms and facebook when somebody says they could not keep in contact because they had been busy, I feel like kicking them on their butt and say "Busy is BullShit". It so happened that yesterday one of my school friends rang me up. After talking for like half an hour, when I was all exhausted of all the stories that I could possible narrate, I happened to ask, "why did you not keep in contact?" The answer came as "College had been keeping me busy". Now all I know for a fact is that, we all do what we want to do. We all have time for what we are committed to. Take harish and laxman as an example. They are professional Counter Strike players, so even though they have exams, they do not stop sparing an hour for their regular game. I won't appreciate this habit, but I respect their passion for the game. They take out time for what they want to do. They do not start cribbing on how difficult the subject is, and how m