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The missing guide to deploying docker containers on Apache Mesos and Marathon

What is Apache Mesos? It is an open source cluster management software. In plain english, it lets you connect a bunch of machines (called Slaves) and allows transparent resource allocation on them. What is Marathon? Mesos gets real shit done through its frameworks. Marathon is one such framework. This guide uses Marathon to run docker containers on Mesos Slaves. What will this guide achieve? By the end of this guide, you will be able to run, start, stop, scale docker containers on top of mesos slaves through a Restful API (that marathon provides). This guide does not (yet) abstract the containers behind static address bindings, so once new containers come online, the services needing them will have to be manually updated. In the next guides I will talk about how you can automate that using ha-proxy, consul, consul-template and registrator. For simplicity, we will use a single machine to deploy everything. However that is not a production-grade setup. A production grade set