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Fail Upwards

For those of you looking for inspiration.

When I was 18, I wanted to be a fine artist.
So I applied to seven art schools all over the UK.
Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Exeter, etc.
But I got turned down by all of them.
Then my sister told me to apply to art school in New York.
Out of desperation, I did.
And I got accepted, and I got a scholarship.
And when I went to New York I switched to advertising.
And it changed my life.
But, if I hadn’t been turned down by those seven art schools, it never would have happened.
After four years in New York I came back to London.
I knew nothing about UK advertising.
So I made fifty Xerox copies of my portfolio and sent it to the first fifty names in the Yellow Pages.
I got forty nine rejections, out of fifty applications.
Only one person offered me a job.
John Webster.
I didn’t know who John Webster was.
He’d only just been made ECD at BMP.
I was the first person John hired.
And I wouldn’t have taken the job if it hadn’t been for the forty nin…