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Advice to young web developers

I’ve been making websites in some form or another since 2008. After 12 years of experience I think I’ve accumulated enough knowledge to know a few things. Here’s some things I’d like younger developers to think about, in no particular order: Sometimes a website is just a website. The browser is already a client; HTML is its language. The web is built around server-side rendering. You can provide your data in more than one way; consider HTML to be one of several possible data representations. Scaling your server helps everyone. Expecting client-side scaling only helps people with the fastest computers and Internet connections. Not everyone has (or can use) a mouse. Not everyone has (or can use) a keyboard. Not everyone has (or can use) a touchscreen. Not everyone can see colors or pictures the same way you can. Not everyone can process information the same way you do. It is inhumane to move things around on people. The browser’s native HTML parsing is far faster than anything you can wr