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One Pull Request. One Concern

Mirror of: Git has a command called  git-request-pull . The purpose of the command is to prepare a set of commits so that the owner of a copy of a project can request to the owner of another copy to land a small set of changes. The idea is to be able to share a piece of functionality with the owner of a more trusted version of the project, without requiring additional write access. This opens a wide range of opportunities for collaboration: anyone can clone a trusted project, make changes, and then ask the original author to land those changes. When Github came out, it leveraged the philosophy of Git and  "forked"  the idea behind  git-request-pull . The purpose was to create an abstraction on top of it so that those who are not familiarized with Git could understand and apply the philosophy of collective collaboration without having to setup mailing lists. They called it  Pull Request . A Pull Request