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Aakriti 2009

AAKRITI 2009! Guys, the academic year 2009 has started and we are to witness AAKRITTI yet again! but what's the big deal about it? we've already seen two of them! yes we've been through the event twice, but this time it's different! This time it's us, this time it is OUR AAKRITTI , this time it is our WAR! Rather more than a year has passed since the last AAKRITTI... what a cataract of disaster had poured upon us then... we saw the dramatic yet heroic rise of the MECHIES, and the almighty ENTC sweeping the event! Meanwhile, we have not only fortified our hearts, but our minds too! We have rearmed and rebuilt our cricket team in a degree which would have been deemed impossible an year back! and presumably, we own the best cross-country team ever! The girls' volley-ball team, the baddy team, table-tennis, squash and basketball teams have all been worked upon! We have some of the best debators, jammers, play-writs, dancers, painters and actors! But why