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AIT Hackers Association

AIT HACKERS ASSOCIATION is back. Fellow Hackers, Time, they say, is the most important asset in our fraternity. And I agree to the same in my full being. Agreed that we have not been in touch for a while, but DO NOT ASSUME IT AS OUR DEATH... mind you, "WE ARE ALIVE". Yes, we are damn alive and we have been working day in and day out to create stuff that you, the fellow hackers would love to be a part of. A) First and foremost, AHA, which was initially started as an informal student organisation has off-shooted itself into a formal registered club, by the name of Open Source Activities Centre. Visit : Congratulations everyone! B) Then, We have successfully completed designing of the new AIT College Website. The demo version is available at So it is a humble request to all to visit it, and provide us with your valuable feedback. We can now boast of the best web facilities available for ourselves: 1. online project manageme