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I don't know, Timmy, being God is a big responsibility

Tim already had his bag and overcoat on and his keys in his hand and was about to leave when Diane stopped him at the door. "I just got this thing working. You have to come and see it." "I have a bus to catch." "You can get the next one." "They're every half an hour," he objected. "This had better be good." "It's super-duper. Look at the big screen, it's easier than squinting at my terminal." "Will this take long?" "A mere instant. Okay, quantum computing, right?" "That's the name of the game," he replied. They - by which we now refer to Tim, Diane, their eight colleagues, their two supervisors, four chemical engineers, six electrical engineers, the janitor, a countable infinity of TEEO 9.9.1 ultra-medium-density selectably-foaming non-elasticised quantum waveform frequency rate range collapse selectors and the single tormented tau neutrino caught in the middle of