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What time is it? Now. The perfect time.

Our lives are so monotonous, so still. Time just passes by for us and we never care. Every single day is just like the previous one. All we care about is how to make good bucks and how to stay ahead in the race all the time. We never have time to do what we want to do. Study science because everyone says so, do Engineering because they all say it's cool, join IT because they say here is all the money in the world.

When was the last time you took a decision that was completely your own and you stood by it?

If you are prompted to look into discreet history for an answer, I tell you, you are doing it all wrong. You and I are on the same track and that track, my friend, is not the best one to ride on. Our lives deserve a better treatment from us.

Now is the time to live your life. If you are my age, you have well settled parents, you are not married and you have some steady cash flow, now is the perfect time to live your life. Go out. Do a course you always wanted to do, learn guitar, play basketball, visit Goa. If you don't do it now, you will never have a second best time. Ever.


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Capture and compare stdout in python unit tests

A recent fan of TDD, I set out to write tests for whatever comes my way. And there was one feature where the code would print messages to the console. Now - I had tests written for the API but I could not get my head around ways to capture these messages in my unittests.
After some searching and some stroke of genius, here's how I accomplished capturing stdout.

The economics of crypto investing

If you believe in the greater fool theory, there is no other market as speculative and volatile as the crypto market today. We are perhaps living in the biggest bubble of our times. I am not bullish on this market in particular. I am bullish on the mania. 90% of the cryptos we see today will crash. They are just tokens with no tangible value generation capability. However, I believe that the mania and euphoria will stay.

Having said that, should one consider investing in this market? Certainly!
The risk/reward is lovely, potential upsides and margins are huge and with 3-5% of your net worth, the bet on the mania is worth it.

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If you're coming from a compiled language context, using exceptions for flow control would look odd to you. But here's the thing - in the python world, exceptions are super cheap and using them for flow control is the "idiomatic python" way!
In fact, exception-driven flow control is built right into the language itself e.g. the "for" loop in python terminates when the iterable raise a "StopIteration" exception!

There is a lot of material on the internet already on the topic, so if there's one thing you take out of this post, it's this - in python, it's "Easier to Ask for Forgiveness than Permission"!