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I need only such a companion

A near and dear,
to love and to hear,
to listen and to tell,
what's heaven and what's hell.

To talk and to fight,
on the wrong and the right,
to understand and the absurd,
something that's never heard.

to shout and to laugh,
to cut the sorrow into half,
to stare and to share,
and scare the nightmare.

To improve and to expand,
with someone who could understand,
to grow and to desire,
to aspire to move higher.

To encourage and applaud,
and increase the belief in God,
to soothe and to smile,
hand-in-hand walk-in mile,
to dimple and to smile,
and cross even exile.

To think and to create,
together our own fate,
in the hot and the cold,
the bonds that will hold,
will save us from the sin,
in the thick and the thin,
showing my
everlasting love
to whom
cries and tears never come,


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