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What iss Lov ?

Its been quite sometime that I haven’t posted here on my blog … Its not that I don’t think of writing or I care if anyone’s reading my posts or not …
But the problem lies somewhere else … Almost everyday I open my blogging account , click on the write post link and as I am about to start typing I realise that I dont have anything to write about … And even if I have anything to write about I feel that its not worth writing here …

This has become almost a routine activity nowdays … And steadily my desire to blog has been diminishing … Perhaps I should take sometime off blogging and when I feel that I have enough content worth writing , probably then I will start posting again … for the meantime, here's what's been eating my head.

What is love?

Its not really easy to put up in words but there will surely be instances in your life when you really have that extraordinary feelings for somebody, feelings that aren't easy to express, situations neither you or she will have any idea about (because she wont ever know about that). But one thing is for sure, that period will also be one you are sure to cherish for a long time, whatsoever be the outcome.
The whole idea of love goes over my head, how can people who just met 2 months back, know that they are in love, it could be just attraction or one of thems crazy fantasy they cant resist..Also people who have known each other for ages but had no warmth suddenly develop feelings that are inexplicable.Controlling the desire to be with someone is far beyond the limits of a common everyday man but what is necessary, is the idea ‘ what leads upto that desire’.Is it looks??or personality?or is it the just being at the right place at the right moment??

Sometimes a simple glance or a smile might just be enough to spread the magic.Whatever it is, i really hope this is the last boring piece I write....

All our young lives we search for someone to love..someone who is in the crowd but different from it.We watch other people, see them happy and hope we will be like them,happy. We expect a series of fortunate events that would lead upto that condition..we sometimes expect miracles.....We search for someone to be comfortable with,someone to talk to...someone to dance with.What we dont think is that maybe someone is looking for us,to be happy with us,to talk to dance with us.Lets come back to the big question..THE definition of love!well of all the deep pow wowz i have had wid my very cool buddies, we havent been able to decipher its real meaning. One of them just defines it as crush till its one sided and we call it love only when two people have mutual liking for each other and both know about it, thats the important part!!!

So when i think what i have in my case is just a crush which is going to fade away, the thought, does not feel good and believe me when i say that its not everyday i have this liking or obsession for someone..And if somebody asks me to explain this kind of feeling..the closest i come to putting it in words is when it is at its height its like spreading your arms out and far and rotating your whole body round and round till your head feels heavy and when you become still ,you fall!!!And that falling part, people ,is what you actually enjoy.

So if you are really in for the real thing, just go for it, you might fail but there are chances that you may wind up in something great. Mind you, it's not the destination that matters but the journey. So take your chance, believe me even HITLER had someone who loved him, and boy, was she hot or what!!


  1. it seems like my princey is all set to get serious about somebody...
    princey no offense, but as you wrote, "how can people who just met 2 months back, know that they are in love"...2 months, I guess its the time when our college council members were alloted their portfolios. Prince, you know very well, whats going through my head. So, is it true??

  2. Sorry bhai ..i tried my level best .. It bounced ...
    one question ....r u seriously serious about someone ???
    If yes ...then chalo SHER-E

  3. @shekhu
    dun wry! It was destined to bounce off ur head. ab committed log kya jaane 'muflisi' kya cheez hai!

    dude..well thot..but sorry..that's not my story that I was describing!

  4. a bit complicated.....


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