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The world does not owe you anything

I read a post on sometime during my TE days. I saved the page because it hit me somewhere deep. I, too, was blaming everyone and everything around for everything that was happening. But these profound words made me recover from that state of mind. So this entry is for everyone with that feeling.

The world does not owe you anything.

Those are words my father told me when I was very young. They were not the words that instantly changed my life or my viewpoint. In fact, I still struggle with their meaning and impact everyday.

Everytime something goes wrong in my life, every infraction and injustice I perceive, those words echo, however faintly, behind my indignation, my sense of entitlement.
Those are some profound words, if you're human and you want things and those things don't come your way. Those are profound words if you have things and you feel deserving of those things, but you feel guilty for having them. Those are some profound words if you get the things you want and those things are not enough.

However, I come from a country where everyones favorite pastime is blaming the goverment, the people around them, their fate, their neighbours fate, and what not. Well people, I have news for you…people have been doing that for ages, and you know what? It hasn’t worked. Their lives still remain the same, and life still goes on…a lot of people use excuses as a crutch, as their reason for not being who they are meant to be…for not achieving what they are supposed to, and as a result, they are going to live average mediocre lives, cursing the people they see living in the highbrow estates, and cruising the best cars.

Its people trying to reap where they didnt sow, and trying to get as much as they can, without putting things in. What most people do not know is that this ’something for nothing disease’ is a violation of a universal law, the law of sowing and reaping. You cant plant oranges, and expect bananas. If that happened, I’d be extremely curious as to the kind of bio-engineering that made it so. People generally go around with this entitlement mentality, thinking life owes them something.

Stop whining! Life doesnt owe you anything. If you want something, go for it! If things aren’t working in your life, its not the government, God, or your girlfriend, its YOU….the man in the mirror!


"The world does not owe you anything, it was here first"

-Mark Twain


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