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AIT a.k.a Army institute of Technology

Been quite a while that I wrote anything. But I am glad, that I am back. Now that I am done with my submissions for my third year second semester (and that too right on time. Bang!), and 10 days right before the practicals start banging my head off, I am feeling a certain urge of writing about this place. AIT. Army Institute of Technology, Pune.

But how could I end up writing a post on AIT . I should instead be doing something else . Anything …sleeping , rope-skipping, play gilli danda , dancing or doing anything more worthwhile.

But NO! My idiotic , uncontrollable , insensible , psychotic and involuntary mind could think of doing nothing else when I was getting the urge to write this senseless post. But as I am a man of my words [huh ? What words ? Half the time I don’t even know what I speak] . MAN AM GOING CRAZY THESE DAYS . I blame this summer heat for turning me crazy with the utter joy of timely submissions, So I am going to write something on AIT.

Mighty mighty AIT they say [they who? Passouts of course . But it sounds so lame .Duh !]. 

Its constitutes the hostels , the academic block and couple of other less useful buildings [like the badminton court where no one gets the chance to play a single 20 mins game properly] and the more useful ones [like the Shetty's canteen, OAC , Fruit-shop… 

These are mostly the places where all the students are found when they are in campus or when they are not with their girlfriend(s)/boyfriend(s) ] There are workers , loads of them. 5-6 people to watch each hostel [Still we manage to make the hostel stingy and dirty on every celebration… It’s a difficult job doing that , party at Sher-e-Punjab, a couple of vodka shots, and puke. Damn. You drunkards, you suck.
The academic block consists of lecture halls, labs, staff rooms, (are they going to pay me for writing this? ) Nothing really fancy to write about the acad blog. Yes, there's this big big “Raman Theatre” that makes our acad block boast out loud of something.

The hostels are temples of joy, freedom, sanctity and friendship. Though they are a kind of unclean temples [coz us, the students take pride in keeping them dirty] the caretakers do a swell job in keeping them clean.

Time vanishes briskly in the hostel , defying all Einstein’s laws of space-time , and we end up remarking every night kal se padhai pakka . Some of the students take pleasure in disturbing sleep in midnight of other innocent ones by knocking on their doors and asking for food at 3 in the morning. Being a 24*7 joke-cracking-asshole is a must required quality for one to be famous and favorite of all in the hostel [Study geeks are exceptional… They are famous coz they provide the assignments for everyone to copy]. Otherwise you are a bore and no matter how hard you try you end up continuously refreshing the scrapbook in Orkut coz no one is there to talk to you . But overall hostel life is splendid [Its would be more enjoyable if they don’t put the compulsory 11.30 pm perm time].
Canteens are integral part of AIT. We cant live without them. They are the ones who keep us away from the clutches of the dreadful mess food. What would we’ve do without them.

Now coming to the faculty. The faculty is great !!!!! Just kidding . Well I am just giving you a generalized description of them , then you form an opinion about them yourself . Well they are a bunch of people belonging only from Maharashtra [Not that I am anti Marathi , but come on! Why does every faculty member has to be a Marathi here ! Where is the bihar-UP immigration that they keep boiling about?]. They talk in English to non-Marathis and in Marathi to their fellow-beings . So half the time we [Read as non-Marathis] don’t have a damn clue of what they speak to each other in Marathi. All of them have 2 special qualities -one being common, that is that they don’t know how to teach. The second one is unique of every teacher , either they are hot-heads , have ultrasonic unbearable voice, have favourite punch lines which keeps on informing the students that they are in a GONE CASE place or they speak in a continuous monotonous, supersonic speed that the class stops noting anything the teacher speaks.

Students are the life of AIT. They make AIT mighty. We are the ones bearing the teachers , the compulsory attendance and the 5 months of “stay away” from home In this “home away from home”. AIT is what it is because of us. We constitute from the different geographic, cultural and social origins spanning across from the entire length and breadth of the nation . The multi-state culture that is present in AIT makes it different and much better than most of the other Indian engineering colleges.

Outside the AIT campus are predominantly the Dighi Hills. The stretch of the western ghats that house one of the most happening villages on planet, VILLAGE DIGHI. How did I forgot to mention BABA when I mentioned DIGHI. “Baba” is the angelic paradise of all the Suteris (the proud smokers and dopers gang of AIT), where they make their plans of ruling the world, though only kinkers later, all such plans whooz away with smoke.

Agreed, we have the finest of infrastructure and the worthiest of teachers (yeah), but this is one place where the female human specie is kind of extinct (or atleast highly endangered!). Tell me, where on earth do you find a sex-ratio as sparse as 795:128 ? Well, this is AIT. And it rocks!

This was Army institute of Technology , as brief as possible . I was thinking of writing an elaborate post but refrained , after all you guys are only human. Nanhi si jaan par itna bojh nahi daal sakta tha.

Will come up with more of my experiences and with more subtle issues of AIT, like how it is a FINE college, in my coming post.

Till then ….Cheers.


  1. guys, leme know if u feel i lacked in bringing out any part of the college.

  2. Nicely done :)
    brought ut the basic essence of it all
    but then if u gonna sit down to actually write abt out life in AIT, its gonna be a crazy task! :P

  3. that's why I restrained myself from putting all the shit in one bowl. Will keep throwing it in installments ;)

  4. GH ko deskribe karna kaise bhool gaye .....jis haaseen jaanat se aaj tak ait ke boys vanchit hain...

  5. hmmm.....almost evrthing
    xcept MAYUR
    after xams,after good or very bad results..MAYUR never leaves ur hand

  6. prince how did u forget to mention d wildlife whom we have inherited dis place from. wipers hanging in d windows,scary giant rats dancing on d shitpot,filthy shitty cats sleeping on d laptop's keypad n gangs of stray dogs.they play a major role in keeping dis place happening all d time;)

  7. naice yaar...prince
    @nikant giant rats dancing on the shitpot ..when and where did it happen ?

  8. Prince Mishra, AIT Pune.that's your identity dude. always feel proud about it.


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