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The four dangerous animals of Product Development

 Taken (almost) verbatim from highly informative blog: _____ This is going to be a short walk in the product development zoo, I hope you’ll enjoy the ride! The HIPPO – the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion It can be tempting to give in to the HIPPOs – founders or CEO or VPS who want to make all the decisions – but don’t let them steer you off course. Bring everything back to your vision and objectives. If the HIPPOs aren’t aligned with those, you could be headed for dangerous waters. Don’t let your HiPPO kill your ideas – inform them with data and make them a  Data-driven HiPPO ! Read more about  what happens when a HIPPO runs your company . The WOLF – Working On the Latest Fire The WOLF has a short attention span and a temptation to jump from one problem to the next. They tend to only enjoy fighting fires, This will disrupt your team’s focus and effectiveness, making you easy prey for your competitors. Create a proces