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नव वर्ष, नवीन दशक

90 के दशक की यादें कुछ कम ही हैं.. और जो हैं भी वो काफी धूमिल सी हैं.. ये जरूर याद है की रविवार को सवेरे "रंगोली" और बुधवार की शाम को "चित्रहार" से ही गानों का ज्ञान बढ़ता था। "लाल छड़ी मैदान खड़ी" हर रविवार का फेवरेट गाना था। पहले Captain Vyom और बाद में शक्तिमान अपने सुपर हीरो थे। काजू कतली बड़े इवेंट्स पर ही आती थी और नए कपडे होली और दिवाली पर ही बनते थे। उन दिनों दोपहर बहुत लम्बी हुआ करती थीं। स्कूल से आके खाने के बाद २ घंटे की नींद जरूरी थी। फिर बड़ी जल्दी ही 2000 ज़माना आ गया। गाने बदले, खिलौने भी, और सुपरहेरो भी। पिताजी ने walkman दिलवा दिया था। और एक blank cassette में हमने भी vengaboys: the party album पूरी रिकॉर्ड करवा दी थी। WWE (जो तब WWF कहलाता था) देखा करते थे, शाम को pokemon और beyblade अपने फेवरेट थे। ये वही दशक था जिसके अंत तक जब हम कॉलेज भी जा पहुंचे थे। वहाँ दुनिया काफी अलग थी। साथ के लोग मेटालिका और एमिनेम का जिक्र करते थे। जब कोई पूछता की ये वाला सुना है क्या, तो मना भले ना करते हों, लेकिन डर रहता था की अगर कुछ और डिटेल पूछ ली तो सारी पोल …
Recent posts

The economics of crypto investing

If you believe in the greater fool theory, there is no other market as speculative and volatile as the crypto market today. We are perhaps living in the biggest bubble of our times. I am not bullish on this market in particular. I am bullish on the mania. 90% of the cryptos we see today will crash. They are just tokens with no tangible value generation capability. However, I believe that the mania and euphoria will stay.

Having said that, should one consider investing in this market? Certainly!
The risk/reward is lovely, potential upsides and margins are huge and with 3-5% of your net worth, the bet on the mania is worth it.

How does one choose where to invest?

If you follow the stock markets, you are expected to do thorough Fundamental Analysis before investing. Expect the same for the crypto market. I invest in large caps. I invest in index funds. And I invest over and over again. Markets rise, always. Extrapolating the same strategy - invest in indices - the top 10 tokens by perfo…

The essential reading list

One can spend a lifetime reading only a certain number of books. This list is to keep that reading focussed. The idea is taken from many engineering focussed reading lists, but I have added a bunch of books by myself too.

I will continue to update the list, both in terms of things left to read and the things I have read already.
How to Ask Questions the Smart Way, Eric S. RaymondThe Curse of the Gifted Programmer, Eric S. Raymond to Torvalds, 2000On Bike Shedding, Poul Hennink-Kamp, FreeBSD list, 1999No Silver Bullet, Fred Brooks (paper)How to become a Hacker, Eric S. RaymondHBR Guide to Managing up and AcrossSuddenly in Charge: Managing Up, Managing Down, Succeeding All Around by Matuson, Roberta ChinskyPrinciples, Ray DahlioSapiens: A Brief History of HumankindEat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less TimeThe Three Box Solution: A Strategy for Leading InnovationThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleHooked: How to Build Habit-Forming ProductsLea…

Before you "judge" a python programmer

If you're coming from a compiled language context, using exceptions for flow control would look odd to you. But here's the thing - in the python world, exceptions are super cheap and using them for flow control is the "idiomatic python" way!
In fact, exception-driven flow control is built right into the language itself e.g. the "for" loop in python terminates when the iterable raise a "StopIteration" exception!

There is a lot of material on the internet already on the topic, so if there's one thing you take out of this post, it's this - in python, it's "Easier to Ask for Forgiveness than Permission"!

Capture and compare stdout in python unit tests

A recent fan of TDD, I set out to write tests for whatever comes my way. And there was one feature where the code would print messages to the console. Now - I had tests written for the API but I could not get my head around ways to capture these messages in my unittests.
After some searching and some stroke of genius, here's how I accomplished capturing stdout.

Biggest project management mistake

This holds true for developers, project managers, entrepreneurs, everybody who has shipped software to the real world. The biggest mistake one can make while shipping software is not shipping buggy code or half-baked features (and they are all easy to uncover given sufficient QA), or not planning for failure. The biggest mistake that folks make is - not planning for success.

Trust me - shit breaks loose when your app gets hot over the night! So here's a list of concerns one needs to plan for, before launching a site:

Cache everything - images, javascript, style sheets, html templates - everything. I use nginx at the frontend proxy layer and it does a full page caching for entire html pages. Works like a charm!
At the application layer, use Redis as a TTL-based cache.

Deliver static content really fast
Images, JS, stylesheets - they need to be rendered by a specialized static files host - a CDN in essence. Use a managed service provider (Amazon CloudFront), or deploy nginx (…

Which python web framework do I use - Flask or Django?

Let me take you to a beautiful journey. Flask: You start to ride a bike. Being a noob you mess up a lot of times. And, get hurt over and over. You learn things now. Django: You start to ride a bike. But, a plot twist. You learn riding a bike by observing others. You sit on their back and see how much smoothly they do ride. Now, either situations are possible: You copy them flawlessly and become a pro.You mess things up badly, end up injuring self and dumbstruck about how things are done. Now the choice lies with you. You know your caliber better than anyone. Coming to the point, Flask and Django are both awesome in their own aspects. Flask can help you learn and get the feel of how things are carried out in backend development and how frontend can be improved exponentially with a correct backend setup. And the learning curve is much gentle as compared to Django. But the problem lies in doing much on your own messes things up at large scales hence slows down the production work. With Djan…